Official Fiesta Playlist ?

So should we have an official Fiesta Playlist

What do you guys think?
Yes no or hell no ?

we already have enough playlists…
343 should remove some lists and restructure all MM lists

I dont think so, there was space for Bungie Day playlist, so there is space for at least one more but keep this thread alive so that maybe a 343i employee sees this and has this on his/her mind and possibly make a playlist with Fiesta gametypes only

But I dont think it will happen anyways

Not without fully redoing the playlist setup. There are too many playlists already, and we know there is going to be a new classic playlist added. I would also think a Race playlist would come first.

Way too many playlists. They have to fix what we have first. Then talk about Classic, Race, Fiesta or Head to Head…

Head to Head is 1 v 1 right ?

Here is an example.

Team Slayer
Rumble pit
action sack
living dead
Grif Ball

Lone wolf
Team Slayer classic (AKA Team Classic )
Team Snipers
Team Doubles
Last Man Standing (1v1)
And most important…

Clan Team Slayer

Very Very Simple and if Reach gets a ranking system in the title update. I hope to see this ^^^