Official Discord, common wait-time for a Ban Appeal?

TLDR; Got banned from the Official Discord, no warnings just straight deletion, no contact info just the bot saying “You have been banned from Halo for Discriminatory comments .
You may appeal your appeal your ban via this link:”

The irony is that I quoted a transcript of ‘Arby n the Chief’ as someone said its their favorite series as a direct reply to them, got banned for writing the “G-word”, yet im literally a “G-word”… Playing BTB without the voice chat the Official Discord has monopolized as the only active and organized Hub for playing with strangers is very depressing, and I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for your Ban Appeal to be viewed, how often people are forgiven, and if they reply/contact even if they declined your appeal etc as its already been over 24 hours of me waiting…
Little bogus however, that instead of building a community and conforming the players to their rules with warnings, they instead use this authoritarian culling system of stemming anything out of regs without context.

You can follow the appeal link you were given when you were banned.