Official Cheaters thread.

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I am getting sick and tired of people glitching into walls and such that when ever I see it I will be leaving them negative feedback and be posting thier GT here:

Number one on my list has the GT: EDIT

Don’t play vigilante. I’m sure 343 doesn’t like people posting GTs of people on here. Just report and move on, no need to try to be Batman.

Your gonna get a forum ban if you don’t remove the GT’s. And this thread will most definatly get locked. If you wnat to report somebody, just send bs angel a PM and she’ll investigate. It’s not that hard to just send a PM instead of making a thread that will get you banned if you call out people and will also get locked.

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> This includes administrators, moderators, members, and non-forum members.

This is taken straight out of the rules. Do not make posts singling people out.