Off my lawn is looking for active and 18+ members

The founding members are all in our 30s we’ve all been playing halo since halo ce. We’re looking for a mix of war zone and arena players even more people to octagon with. The goal is to have a large company of halo players who all like to have fun have a mic and play for the win.

We’re old, somewhat senile, functional alcoholics who still excel at video games and enjoy some competitive Halo 5 with like minded people. While we may not be the best we constantly strive for it through solid teamwork and communication. Though by midnight the intoxication goes full throttle and we will forget key strategies such as calling out one shots and forgetting when the OS last spawned.
We would all like to think we are equally hilarious and our illustrious leader is likely your drunk uncle who says inappropriate thing when he gets to the half way mark of his preferred bottle of whiskey. But despite that he’s hilarious and a great guy to play with along with the rest of the crew. We come from all over with different backgrounds, some of us have kids while others have kids on the way but we still find a way to play Halo 5 because it’s our favorite way to decompress and get away from reality.
While we don’t mind younger members, I’d like to express the following disclaimer - squeaky preadolescent voices will be made fun of. Relentlessly. If you can handle that we may provide you with some key advice in life such as: How to properly do a keg stand, what skills you need to master in order to become a beer pong champion and how to make a bong with an apple.
If you’d like to join this motley grew of older degenerates give us a shout and join our ranks.