Of Course Credits Are Only Available To Paid Users

The pass has credits, but they’re not free.


Standard for these types of passes. Sorry you were expecting free free credits.


That was said during the overview last week…


Yeah we all knew that going in and its a little dubious for people to expect that they would be free.


Business don’t generally pay you to play unfortunately. Not for free at least.

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We should at least get a few free credits. That’s what I liked about Fortnite in 2019 is that you get get a few free credits (like 300-400 credits for free but not all 1500 or so credits available to people who bought the pass.

Sounds good to me. Sign me up. Except I don’t like fortnight. Are they still doing this?

That’s rough, man.
20 characters.

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wait, you really thought you were gonna get currency for free? lol


Yeah I think its still a thing in Fortnite. I redownloaded it last night and the battle pass is way different but there still some free Vbucks.

OP you should be embarrassed you made this topic tbh.

Why? People have paid to get credits.

What did you expect? Someone to just hand you cash for nothing?

I imagine the amount of people who expected credits for free from the pass is incredibly tiny, if not essentially 0, as that’s just not how the industry (or any other industry) does it.

Uh… Yeah. cR in Infinite have real world monetary value. I don’t particularly like that that is the case, but it is. I wish there was some currency in this game that didn’t have a dollar value tied to it and that could be earned by everyone-I think that’d be a good engagement booster.

But they’re not going to give away cR for nothing in this game. How it’s structured with the S2 Battle Pass and presumably going forward from there is that you basically get a 100% in-game rebate of the cR you spent on the BP if you complete the whole thing. That allows you to (in theory) buy the S2 battle pass for $10 and never have to buy another pass again (I doubt this will ultimately be true for the whole life of the game, but it’s the advertised path at the moment).

That’s about as pro-consumer as a live service battle pass gets. I can understand and sympathize that many of us don’t like that Infinite is a live service game in the first place, but grousing about that is useless at this point.

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Well I paid them 80 bucks for a game so…

was anybody surprised by that?
the monetization system in halo is one of the worst in the industry right now.
of course it will get worse, bc it is getting worse for years now, bc people still spend money on these systems

Other f2p games reward free players with credits or special currency.