ODSTs... Where are they?

I’m sure that someone must have adressed this somewhere, but since I haven’t seen it…

Well, where are they? All I’ve seen are marines and army… where are the ODST? Now, I do take into account that it isn’t very effective to drop them through a single hole, which leads to the same place (if even possible, since it seems that the entrance is always on the left of Infinity. Although we can still get weapons apparently) But shouldn’t we still see them on the ground at least? I mean, their still special forces aren’t they? So, 343i, where are they? were they completely forgotten?

I’m not only one to adress this right?

ODST’s are a lot cheaper to produce compared to Spartans, so they are still left but apparently not on Infinity.

I think most of the ODSTs are now spartan 4’s.

I think that it’s probably an Infinity thing. They probably didn’t travel with any. I don’t think Infinity was necessarily a war-ship, so perhaps that has something to do with it? Or maybe because they are an exploritory vessel without the need to defend any cities? ODST seemed to mostly be deployed in city defense., though there were some along side your offensive movements in Halo 2.
Also, there is the possibility that we simply don’t seem them in action. We are only seeing a few arms of the war on Requiem, so there is the possibility that they are all deployed elsewhere.
A final theory- through the campaign, Infinity is grounded or leaving. There would be no way to deploy ODST’s in that scenerio. For Spartan Ops, though, there could be, but maybe that’s why we didn’t see any in the campaign.

A lot of questions were left unanswered when it came to campaign/Spartan OPs.

Where are the ODST’s, where are the Drones, where are the Brutes?

They cant answer all the questions… This is a FPS after all…

As such, getting to know more about the universe entails reading the books.