ODST's integrated into Halo 4?

Being the ODST fan I am, I would love to see some ODST gameplay integrated into Halo 4 somehow. I don’t mean in campaign, but more like game modes. Fans, including myself, are very touchy when it comes to the campaign and story. However, game modes don’t have to worry about breaking canon or anything like that so there’s a lot of room for potential. So, basically what I’m saying, they need more game modes. What does this have to do with ODST’s? Well, just because we play as Master Chief - a Spartan - in the campaign doesn’t mean we have to play as a Spartan in all the game modes. Why not give us the option to play as an ODST? I loved ODST’s Firefight a lot more then Reach’s. So, why not have the option to be an ODST? Gives you more of a challenge, anyhow. Also, they could make new game modes surrounding the ODST’s, or at least giving the option of playing as an ODST. You’re allowed to play as an Elite, so why not an ODST? It’s not overpowered, but only giving you more of a challenge. Maybe it’s just me, but I see a lot of potential in new game modes and integrated the ODST’s in already established modes.