Thoughts on an ODST Standalone?

Confused a bit because of your wording. Do you mean the one that came out in 2009 or another one?

I heard ODST, I say YES! I’d love to hop right into another ODST standalone game.

I would definitely go for another ODST game

Yes please. Curious to know what kind of ODST game OP would want to play. My vote is for one during the Insurrection, but another Covenant War era game could be cool. Regardless, I want more ODST!

Odst during the covenant war!! For sure, big battles and lots of explosions. Micheal bay that yoink

ODST 2 I’m down for any new FPS halo games! :slight_smile:

Another ODST would be nice but I’m not sure if they could recreate the experience that we would want.


Another ODST would be great maybe with a larger and more diverse map.

Another ODST would be good with a amazing story like halo 3 ODST

What made for me ODST so special was the urban battle. In almost every other halo games we are fighting on some random exotic planet or on forerunner installations. I felt like a real soldier fighting an alien invasion, this is not the feeling i had while playing the other halo games. The game also allowed me to see the covenant war on a different perspective, exploring the humanity on each character and their pain.

I think if they one day make a new ODST game, it will be a side game (like halo 3, it was such a great commercial sucess than they decided 2 years after to make a second opus with the story of the odst troopers during the war [this is the reason why the title is halo 3 ODST and not halo ODST]) and unforthunately, if Halo infinite does not follow the path of the original art and story style, the game will not be as good and special ODST was.

One thing is sure, if they really make a second ODST game, it will probably explore the events of the human / covenant war (most of the odst troops have been converted into Spartan IV after the events of halo 3-4 and the best scenaristic content was from this period).

In my opinion, as Halo 3 Odst already explored the human perspective of the war, ODST should stop there. What could be interesting and ambitious for 343, would be the story of an elite under the charge of Rtas Vadum, fighting the humans, the heretics and the flood during the events of halo 2. A campaign only played by a sangheili with a flood fire fight mod

Yeah a second ODST game would be great although the plot would have to take place before halo 5 since bucks a spartan now

ODST 2 should be a follow up on Alpha nine(The ODST squad from Halo 3:ODST) and the events that unfolded at Draco 3. I would loved to see a game featuring the conflict between the UNSC and insurrectionists. I think this a great way to introduce it to games!

More drop pod action aswell. Multiple drops on multiple planets; sort of an act 1, act 2, act 3 sort of deal with a planet for each and 4-5 drops per planet. Nighttime drops, water landings, combat drops, etc,.
I liked the feel of the first ODST, but it was very solo. Tier 1 assets like these trooper battalions do not operate like this. The closest thing to what a proposed ODST 2 should look like is the wildlife reserve that Dutch fought through with the mechanized marine convoy.
Marines do what the army cant do, ODSTs do what the marines cant do, spartans can do what a tactical nuke cant do

another ODST or a new game with different main characters