ODST was a very simple game. yet so enjoyable

Nothing serious in this topic just venting nostalgia of ODST. So if you want an arguement you should go elsewhere.

THAT being said, i remember the day i got my pre-ordered ODST. I stayed up all night with my brother and uncle (They play Halo too) playing firefight. Although i was a bit bummed because something went wrong with my pre-order transaction and they ended up not giving me Srgt Mj.Johnson as a firefight character, but it didn’t matter that game was fun!

How was your ODST experience like ?

It is the best Halo after CE.

Absolutely loved my ODST legendary campaign run. The audio logs were a tonne of fun too.

Loved it. I was pretty hyped up to play as an ODST and it lived up to most of my hype and the Audio Logs really helped expand the game. My only complaint is that they didn’t include a firefight matchmaking.

Loved it. Not as good for replay as the other games IMO, but the first time was amazing. And Endure was very fun.

Awww, man I love/loved ODST (still playing it!). Finding the audio logs was a lot of fun, especially with the Mongoose :smiley: I STILL play it’s Firefight with my freinds.

ODST Firefight can literally kill hours with the right people. :slight_smile:

I never played halo 2-3 when they have been released but when i heard the first time and see the trailer of ODST, it was the game i have to play the most and wow i was surprised by this game i really love it. The story was great and your character the recruit was really nice. Long life ODST !!

ODST was so good and the firefight/endure was crazy.