ODST Warzone (Halo Infinite's Answer to BRoyale)

Now hear me out now and try to be as open minded as you can. I can already see the anti battle royale comments that are to come. But, I think I’ve found the answer to all our Battle Royale in Halo problems.

Let me introduce y’all to my idea that would maybe rival/compete with all the Battle Royales going on. I call it ODST Warzone. So what’s the whole objective of this Warzone alternative? Well, it’s pretty self explanatory to a certain extent; squad up with your team of 5 players as ODST’s and drop into the Halo ring at any designated location on the battlefield. There would be 50 players, making that 10 squads/teams of ODST’s on one large scaled map. Enemy teams won’t be the only threat, though. There will be covenant & forerunner AI to keep everyone company on the battlefield. Unlike BR, there will be no storm, and no scattered weapons unless your enemies have fallen.

Well like normal Warzone, there would be mini-bases to capture and defend. Your core base won’t just automatically be there. Once you drop, you and your team would have to go and claim any of the 18 mini-bases as your core base. It cannot be captured, but only destroyed. There will be 10 core bases claimed by each team, then 8 more that all teams will have to fight for. Those 8 CAN be reclaimed after being captured. If an enemy has other bases besides it’s core, you will have to capture them, then go destroy their core for that team to be defeated. Be careful though, neutral bases are heavily guarded by AI covenant or created forces at first.

What Features would a map consist of?
Well, since it takes place on a Halo ring, there will be various mini flood containment locations. Enemy teams are bothering you? Don’t worry, you can just release the flood into the battlefield by pushing one button. Kinda like Halo Wars’ “Release” map. There will be REQ stops scattered throughout the map. Running low on ammo or need a new weapon? Don’t worry, quickly find a nearby REQ stop to reup. Having trouble getting to one side of the map to the other? Request a Pelican for transportation of your team(Yes, you can fly it yourself). The only vehicles that may be requested at REQ stops are pelicans, and warthogs. All the rest of the goods will have to be found on the battlefield. Want the flood to be contained? There will be control centers where you will be able to call in some sentinels to combat the flood. Oh and you worried about your base being easily captured? Modify your base with shields and defensive turrets, Dominion style.

Anyway, im getting tired guys, I have more detailed ideas but I will update the thread as soon as possible! Ask questions, point out mistakes you see of mine, and I will gladly address them in here.

Appreciate the effort you put into this OP, but we already have a few existing and active Battle Royal topics open that can be used for this discussion. Feel free to use one of the existing ones