ODST Squad 6, open to recruitment, once more!

Who are we?

“Tell me boys and girls… how will you leave?"

“We go feet first, sir!”

Welcome to Squad 6 of the 105th Marine Expeditionary Force.

We are a casual ODST squad, always feet first into hell, against all odds.

As Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo 4 Clan, we enjoy a great, fun experience.

We were one of the few surviving squads of the Battle of Mombasa, though with most of our original squad KIA. Through this, our three man squad learned to work together, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, the entire team except the squad leader was marked MIA and presumed KIA, ever since the combined Brute/Jackal ambush in the Kenyan jungles of Africa of Earth. The last soldier found one outstanding candidate. He easily passed and is waiting for the next drop. The lone squad is currently looking for new recruits, that will quickly learn to work with the squad, and to stick with the team. We are the ODST, not Spartans, that can easily take out legions of Covenant in pairs. We need to work together to take out an Elite, respect one another, and always have a pistol next to the bed so we can have all hands on deck, and get ready for another drop.

It doesn’t matter about your KD, or how well you snipe. It’s about how well you cooperate with your squad. Teamwork is the most vital element of an ODST squad.

We will attempt to do friendly clan matches (like a “good game, man” compliment when match concludes), but none of that ridiculous clan wars when people scream cusses over the mic like it’s D-Day all over again.

It doesn’t matter about an entire squad KIA in an one-life only Firefight Eliteapocalypse on Legendary or a Spartan Ops mission on Legendary, or losing a clan match. It’s about being a Marine, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, the best of it’s kind, and fighting for man. That’s one grenade for man, one mega air-strike for mankind.


-Must be over 12.

-Respect others because we need a tight team, especially when 15 Elite Spec Ops surround us.

-Stick with the team in battle because we actually need cooperation to eliminate an Elite or Brute or Hunter in shieldless Firefight match.

-ODST helmet (add-ons optional) (other armor is your choice, we want a comfortable society).

-Service Tag to “ODST” (so we can quickly tell who is in our squad during clan matches and matchmaking (highly recommended)

-At least two Halo games (ODST, Reach, or 4). Recommended games are, Reach and 4 because not everyone has ODST.

-Nothing else.

To Join (copy and paste this format to submit form, otherwise resume will not be accepted)

IGN (In Game Name):
Age (12+):
Why you want to join:

NOTE: This information is due to be edited over a period of various times.
NOTE: We know that you all are good at sniping and grenades and the DMR, but please, only add the skill into your form if you truly know when to grenade spam and when not, or the ability to quick-scope 16 Elites without revealing your location. We all know to aim for the head, or to toss a frag at a cluster of enemies, but please, the truth is that only a few have the natural skill of timing of the rocket or the inference of enemy behavior, so please be honest or your application will not be considered.

One thread per clan please. You can find your original recruitment thread here. Thanks.