ODST Spartan VI Recruiting

//Project: Almanac//
//Lead CO: Dying St0rm//
//O.D.S.T. Spartan VI//
//Location: *********// Time://

ODST or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers have been used to do there near impossible, the near suicidal missions that almost anyone wouldn’t do. With the rise of Spartan VI, ONI and UNSC have decided to make Spartans become ODST. They do the missions that never exist. They are… Ghosts.

To join you must go through training, and must pass the BLOCK training. To be in good standing with us while in the company. You must be on at least once a week and a number of times during a month. (Unless you have a legit reason). You Must be in 2 OPs in one month to stay.

alix Lansing - PVT // Noble71 - PVT // FretfulSummer98 - PVT//

Dying St0rm

Fire team Ace - Fire team Ace is a “spearhead” team. They are the first to fight, the first to drop into hell, first to die.
Fire team Delta - Fire team Delta is the best of the best. Compromised of only the top few. They are shadows. They kill without mercy
CO: Dying St0rm
Members: Dying St0rm