ODST Sign Glitch(minor error)

Game on Master Chief Collection:
Halo 3: ODST

Level Encountered on:
Mombasa Streets(any variant)

In Mombassa Streets there is recruitment machines. On these machines is usually a graphic. 2 variants of the graphic exist.
1 of a Pilot
Another of a Pelican

Now in the Master Chief Collection port. The Pelican version of the graphic is glitched. When its meant to appear. The Pilot graphic will appear instead.
This is viewable in theater mode when the pelican graphic flashes. Even when paused just for the Pilot one to pop on.

Aka, only the Pilot one appears in gameplay. Never the Pelican one that appears normally on the 360 version.

This glitch didnt appear in the original version hense why I am bringing this up. Though its a rather small error. And hardly anyone will notice it due to the fact that the Recruitment machines are only used for audiologs.