ODST Should Be Free for Many More People...

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I, probably like many others, received Halo: MCC for the holiday, making it a mere SIX DAYS away from the cut-off date. My, how convenient for the date to be around the same time that the Xbone/MCC bundle was at its cheapest and at the busiest shopping season to boot. I also had to deal with the massive amount of matchmaking bugs and glitches for, roughly, the same amount of time and have not been compensated.

Sorry 343, but it’s not up to you whether or not its OK to charge full price for a broken product…with no recourse other than your own polarizing compensation. Here are the facts: we paid full price for the game that was broken. Whether it happened before your cut-off date or not, that was a fact for the both of us. I want to be compensated like the rest of them. It’s extremely obvious what you are doing to make a quick and easy $5. Opportunistic -Yoinks!-.


Someone who’s absolutely sick of 343’s BS.

$5 what an outrage, i mean you got the game as a gift for CHRISTMAS! of all things, does 343 industries forget about the true holiday spirit about giving instead of receiving, i mean look at the things $5 can get you now in these days, a cheeseburger meal at McDonalds, A rum and coke for the older people, a cheap pizza, i hope you feel ashamed 343 industries for having to take the time to ruin fac ownages Christmas by making him spend a full $5 dollars on a full length game to play on a game he didn’t buy, for shame.

I completely and totally agree. I even made a thread dicussing this. We need to make a petition and make some noise so Bonnie Ross can give us our just deserts. I am in the same boat as you. Didn’t buy till the 26th.