ODST Server Errors

I’ve been trying to do the Firefight Achievements on ODST (360 Version), but everytime I try with 1-3 others then one of us disconnects and the whole Firefight stops. This has happened 2 times now when we had like 150k points both times. Why are the servers so bad? This isn’t just ODST, this is also for Halo 3, Reach and 4. The hell is going on?

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You, like me and many others, have had no response from 343 about the servers in months. I love how they completely ignore posts like this but will respond to inane ones about the most random crap that anyone with basic halo/forum knowledge could respond to.

Seems to me like 343 has come to the realization that they will never match Bungie’s level in regards to Halo and are trying to force us into playing their inferior offerings… If you take a look back in the forums you’ll notice they haven’t replied to the various server deficiency questions in quite some time.

I love how 343i is getting called out and they just ¨edit the post for making a non-constructive post…