ODST sequel - VR headset

There are certainly people who would like to see a follow up to Halo 3: ODST; whether that be a sequel/ prequel with the same characters or just similar gameplay and a different story arch. 343i has also stated they want Halo on as many styles and mediums as possible. With those of those things in mind and how great virtual reality headsets have been looking, I thought ODST would work amazingly with VR. Imagine dropping into orbit with a VR headset on. It would simply be breathtaking. Obviously if that was a major mechanic of the game there need to be more than one drop, unlike in Halo 3: ODST. The game could possibly follow a series of missions, dropping you into orbit on beautiful new planets.

I would buy that

That sounds like it would be loads of fun. I’m up for a new ODST game.

Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. I would definitely buy an ODST game with VR support.

Big fan of ODST. Definitely buy a standalone game of ODST. Though in my opinion they were too strong, they are supposed to be much weaker than Spartans. Riping turrets and easily turning cars doesnt help. The best part of ODST is the team work.

An ODST sequel needs to have the open-world elements of the original. If it took place in a different city, that would be really cool. ODST is the most underrated game in the series, and they should expand on it. If 343 handles it right (for once) it could be amazing.

Agree 1000%. ODST was amazing.

I like OP’s idea of dropping onto different planets, but like Shabs360 said the open-world element should stay. Maybe have different planets you could go to but keep at least one major city on New Mombasa’s scale (or bigger) to explore.

So a bit like Destiny I guess? Minus the MMO/Online-only crap of course, leaving more focus to the story and the “lone warrior” feeling, like in the first ODST game…

I would probably puke during the orbital drop scene. :confused: