ODST Laso Achievement Glitched

I’m not the only one apparently. I’ve beat it twice now. It says 9/10 complete. Resume “epilogue” mission 2. Fix this. Open the playlists up.

i just did it co-op and only the host got it.

Issue is as in video linked. After the epilogue was played by the host, none of the other party members got the achievement. Instead the playlist displays as 9/10 completed, with the option to resume with the epilogue. However, upon selecting resume, the 2nd mission, tayuri plaza appears instead. From the other screen where I can resume, the mission is displayed as “Mission 2: Epilogue” instead of “Mission 10: Epilogue”. If I hit resume, it starts loading Tayuri plaza. The host meanwhile got 10/10 completed on the playlist and the achievement. He did not have the option to resume the playlist.

VID: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/cccb6c01-81a7-4a03-8f94-a7cc89d9e10c?gamerTag=ExiledHairyman&scid=77290100-225e-4768-9373-98164430a9f8
Screenshot: https://account.xbox.com/en-us/gameclip/cccb6c01-81a7-4a03-8f94-a7cc89d9e10c?gamerTag=ExiledHairyman&scid=77290100-225e-4768-9373-98164430a9f8

We also tried switching hosts due to latency issues during coastal highway. However, while each non-host party member had 8/10 completed on the playlist, tey only had the option to start on “Mission 2: Coastal Highway” which loaded Tayuri plaza. Only the host had the correct Mission 9: Coastal Highway, and we had to continue with the original host.

Hopefully the vid is useful as evidence.

I was in the same session as ExiledHairyman and had the same problem.

I restarted the playlist. Deleted my save data on the cloud and everywhere else. Cancelled the sync and let it load up fresh. The synced so the playlist restarted at 0/10. Went through as host and got the achievement.