ODST Invasion Map (Requesting Help)

I am currently working on an ODST invasion map. It is in forge world and mainly occupies the “Blood Gulch” portion of the map. The premise is that ODST’s drop from a frigate to retrieve stolen data vital to ONI. The troopers must shut down generators, cross a large bridge, shut down satelite transmitters, retrieve the core, and finally bring it to a pelican for extraction. Pictures are below

Frigate Profile
Frigate Rear (Cargo Bay)
Generator (First Objective)
Bridge Closeup
Bridge Overview
Satelite Transmitters (Second Objective)
Canyon Overview (Third Portion)
Pelican Front (Core Extraction)
Pelican Rear
Drop Pod (Inside Frigate)
Map Overview

I know it isn’t amazing or anything, but I spent quite a bit of time on it. The main problem im having is with the spawns. I would greatly appreaciate it if someone who has experience with invasion forging could help me. I would show you where to place the spawns, I just need you to set them up. I worked very hard on this map and would credit you if you helped me.

Please post any feedback below.

TLDR; Im making an invasion map and need help with spawns.