ODST HellJumper Brigade We are Recruiting!

ODST HellJumper Brigade
(Must be at least 15+ to join)
Hello players of halo 5 we are the ODST HellJumper Brigade we are both a fan club and a clan of ODST fans we play mostly for fun and good times but we aim to become a professional and competitive clan.Before you join there are some things you should know if you are to become a member first off we have a set of rules and 2nd we have some requirements for being a member.

  1. No team killing
  2. No taking vehicles from other members unless they told you to take it.
  3. Be respectful when using a microphone (especially around superiors) Note that thing this rule only takes effect when inside a match with other squad mates or on ourSpartan company chat.
  4. Have fun
  5. Must have a headset.
  6. Must wear ether the nightfall armor or any of the helljumper armor variants when playing in the same match.
  7. We mostly use black as our main armor colour and we only use secondary colours to identify which squad we are representing in game.
  8. Must have your clan tag set to ODST before entering a match with other members.
  9. The squad emblem is the ODST emblem only equip it if you have it unlocked other then that it’s mostly optional.

Do you think you have what it takes to jump feet first with the HellJumpers?.ODST HellJumper Brigade Needs you! Enlist today!.See you on the battlefield!. -

Division Commander zombiekillerr97