ODST HD Remake

I hope they do this… I REALLY do, I’d love dedicated servers with 1080p 60fps ODST kick butt action.

Not many of my friends played ODST, It was honestly my favorite halo game, and I can’t see why not many liked it.

But this is a perfect chance for players to experience the awesomeness of ODST :slight_smile:

Anyone else hope this will happen?

Of course. I’d like for focus to remain focused, but 343i is even bigger now, and more than likely only going to grow, so it’s DEF not out of the question.

Depends on whether 343’s audience or a majority of it wants one or not.

when ODST came out I enjoyed it, but when I gave the game to my brother, he didn’t really like it (He says ‘its too…modern and not sci-fi’ and I’m like ‘…wut?’). And More and more of these newer, younger halo fans can determine what games will be made, because (theoretically) they will be able to play them more than the older fans as time goes on, thus they will have a bigger voice in the community in determining which games get made.

true on that i mean i love studying tactics in stealth like stuff and thats why ODST fit in big dark city at night what else could you want…oh wait some bad guys to shoot they got that too. I mean all the new kids mainly love the flashy stuff everyone going for binary rifles and cannon because it is the OP weapon (even though many of us can still beat them with a plasma pistol XD) Would love to see something like an ODST/Battlefield kind of squad play maybe a class kind of loadout would make some of those PvP players happier and help put out a new ODST game :smiley:

BTW I hope they revert back to the old style of ODST armour b/c the new stuff looks horrible!

That’s for sure.

ODST was one of the most unpopular halo games, so I doubt it’ll be remade