ODST Firefight achievements

ODST has achievements for finishing each firefight map with 200,000 points. I don’t have a copy of the 360 version but I did order one.

Question is, can you make yourself invulnerable or have unlimited ammo etc? Even let yourself start with a hammer? Or strictly the original gametype?

It’s been a long time since I last played the og ODST, but I don’t think you can edit that firefight settings in it like you can Reach :confused: for what I remember it’s fixed settings

Only things you can change is the level of difficulty and the silver skulls like IWHBYD and Grunt Birthday Party. My suggestion is do it on easy on lost platoon and hijack a chopper and use that to just shoot everything to death for like an hour or two.

Keep in mind that the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Servers aren’t in the best of shape. The achievements are still possible but easier with friends. The best thing to do is work on the achievements via system link/LAN party so you don’t have to worry about being disconnected from Xbox Live.