ODST Fails To Start/Load

Hello All,

I’ve been having issues using the ODST Add-On. Basically, whether I select campaign, coop, or challenge list, the loading screen is stuck at 0%. I’ve let it sit for over 30 minutes and no forward progress at all. I’ve also tried deleting all MCC and ODST files from my XB1 and installing everything again, but still the same results.

Is there something else I can try? In addition to ODST not working, the Halo3 game plays, but the view area is about 30% of my screen. It presents itself as though I’m looking at through a small window. Halo 4 does not seem to have this issue.

Also, has 343i shutdown the Multi-Player servers? I ask because I also can’t join any games too.

  • Darth Gigabyte