ODST:EliteUnit Is Currently Looking For New Members

If You Are Looking To Join ODST:EliteUnit Then Please Read The Following

We did start off halo based but we moved to other games as well as other platform’s we have been around for a few years and anyone who is still with us is a veteran member and know’s the protocol’s and what were doing

I would like to mention also that our website is down I have been working on a new one but it is a lot of work to do and if you are considering joining and use your computer on at least almost a daily basis than I would appreciate if you we’re interested in helping me out with it

Halo Series
Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare Series:
Battlefield Series
Assassin’s Creed Series

If you want to know more then you can message/email me or John at:

Steam (CloudUltimat,the_John_RULES)
Skype (CloudUltimat)
PS3 (Cloud-Ultimat)
Xbox 360 (CloudUltimat,I am the MC)
Email (odsteliteunit@yahoo.com)

Thank You For Your Time
-ODST:EliteUnit Team