ODST Corrupted MCC

After I installed ODST automatically with windows store updates, I found I was unable to play the ODST campaign with my friend. Every time I tried to join it told me I didnt have ODST installed. After being taken to the ODST page, I would click the check to install hit, hit accept, be taken back to the main screen, and it still wouldn’t work.

After repeating this 3 times I restarted my PC, upon which the entire MCC needed to be “repaired.” Typically in game terms this means that you don’t need to reinstall the whole game but problem files will be redownloaded, where apparently your delivery methods are unable to do as such. Given I dont have the space for 2 MCCs on my SSD, I needed to completely reinstall the 100GB game. This is absolutely unacceptable in the modern world, and you have now effectively eaten 25% of my household’s monthly data in 3 days because you, being a part of one of the largest tech companies in the world, were incapable of doing something that even indie game developers like Battle State Games are capable of doing. By not doing this, you put more strain on not only people’s wallets, but your network infrastructure, and even regional network infrastructure than necessary. Absolutely unacceptable.

I really gotta agree with you on this. For 343 guys. Not everyone sits on a fat pile of GB quotas. Some have seriously limited bandwidth and data caps. You knkw why i dont but from ms store? Becuase i cant copy and backup game files. I had to reset my pc. And I had to download a game entirely again. You cant even access the game file for backup. Its protected.

So i buy from steam. Atleast i can backup and dont have to worry about downloading these absurdly huge games everything something goes wrong.

Ms store is pathetic so is your network delivery system

All the tech giants just think about their (pocket full of $ audience) instead of building good games.

This modern was of companies is really killing games and movies for me. I almost dont care about these things anymore.