ODST Audiophile Glitch?

Alright, so I’ve recently been trying to get all 30 Audio files on ODST but I’ve run into a problem. I know only 29 are available through NM and the 30th is in the mission The Data Hive. After I found the 29th, I saved, quit and started the mission at Rally point 2, just after you meet the NMPD officer. He follows me to level 9 and opens the door. I get the dialogue, he turns hostile but there is no 30th file! I’ve looked on YT and got nothing. No data terminal on the wall. Is something wrong? Do I have to play through in one run like with Co-op? Please help me

Try not using a rally point. It can sometimes stop achievements in Halo 3 so I assume the same could be affecting the 30th data pad.

Also ensure you’re playing on the same difficulty as when you got the New Mombassa data pads, you literally want to eliminate as many variables as possible when going for these types of achievements.