ODST achivement unlocked and locked?

I got the ODST achivement , but when i check it says 56 of 57 , i enter and check , it says 57 of 57 , on the xbox live page it also says 56 of 57 , wtf , i unlock it. , i can prove it!

Hello! hectornano 117,

I have the same problem with the achievement ODST, fail in achievements 49/57 = 1020 gamerscore, the reality 50/57 = 1050 gamerscore.

Also other users we have another problem… There do not appear the new achievements (Crimson Map Pack) in HALO WAYPOINT (Career Waypoint), only 49 original achievements.

A greeting.

Post Data:

The achievement ODST (BUG) was in the first game of yesterday of Crimson Map Pack.