ODST 501st Airborne Battlion

Are you looking for a clan? One that’s exciting and active but isn’t overly competitive and relatively laid back? Then allow me to help you out.

First Off, my name is Kram Sogellag, and I am a Private of the ODST 501st Airborne.

What kind of opportunities are afforded to you in the 501st? The 501st Allows you to rise through the ranks from Enlisted to Officer within a reasonable amount of time. With higher rank, comes the opportunity for higher responsibility.

We’re working towards a better future in the 501st and we want you to be a part of it. The more you contribute, the higher up your trust goes. If we work together and grow, we will strive, we will survive, and we will not perish!

We must work together, we must all do our part, we will strive to gain our rightful place we deserve in the community. We shall not lie or cheat to get there either. WE will earn our honor!

See what our members have to say about us!

ok well it all started two and a half years ago i heard about the halo two clans and wondered if they would come back in halo three i looked and joined a couple clans but either the requirements were too imposing for me or it was actually dead.after a couple months i found the odst 501st it appeared alive there was current forums about kicking someguy out of power or something like i joined like right after or close to the clan actually forming. skirata or oh i almost forgot about guns but those guys, and havok i think my memory is kind of fuzzy cause for a while i thought that the 501st died on me untill i got a mesage from skirata. but i have had sooo many good memories of custom games and matchmaking games fighting along side of the 501st some of which are not here anymore. and the discussions and forums that i have participated in and the forges that i have helped (sometimes not) build (or destroy) there are so many memories that i cnat write all of them down here. we had clan game nights and if members were on they would join you or you would join them and just have fun this clan is most fun i have ever had before i had like a handful of friends now i can/do say that i have a lot of really good friends some of which i consider brothers. i love this clan and cant see anyother clan being as much fun or having as close of a comunity as we do here i am pround enough to say tell people that i am in a clan… the ODST 501ST AIRBORNE CLAN
-Wwhitelion, Major

I was in the 501st AB for almost two years, and I enjoyed my time there. What’s great about this clan in particular, is that we’re no arrogant ‘MLG’ clan, we don’t have performance standards. Our ranks are based on potential. If you show promise, and you really want to do a good job, and show dedication, you’ll get noticed. I know. I started out as a recruit, and gained a commission to Second Lieutenant in just a year, because I wanted to do a good job. Not to say we don’t like to stomp some -Yoink- every now and again. We’re based in Halo, but we play other FPS’s, notably Battlefield. We have some top-notch players, like Alpine Gremlin. He’s been with the 501st for longer than I can remember, and he’s the most kick–Yoink- tanker I know. The 501st can make you a great soldier, or an excellent executive. Whatever you choose, there will be someone to guide you there.

-Teh Newbz117, 1st Lieutenant

If you’re interested in the opportunity, please visit our site.

We look forward to seeing you there.

They Drop Us, To Drop Them!

Hi, this sounds like just the group for me! where can I sign up?