ODST 2 - Would you like to see it? Any Ideas?

Post here if if you want/don’t want an ODST 2 and explain why.

If anyone has any cool ideas/videos I’ll post them below.

Heres a Great fanmade clip by Plav43

ODST 2 Trailer
Thanks alot, well made.

From Azure Talen

With the success of the SPARTAN IV program, the ODSTs now take on a much smaller role in the UNSC. It could take place alongside Halo 4 or between it and Halo 5 to keep it more in pace with the new story.
The story itself could surround Buck and his squad, with the ability to fully customize your rookie including as male or female like you could your Spartan in Reach and have the choice of modifying the basic ODST armor for further customization.
The Drop Troopers would be under far more scrutiny than ever from the higher ups in the UNSC with the high number of Spartan IVs available for deployment already, so it’s likely to hold their place they would be volunteering for more dangerous missions than ever to prove their worth.
They could be dropping down into New Phoenix to try and deal with the damage inflicted by the diadect as a first response team, cover the squad exploring Requiem and trying to clear it for research teams, or it could be a build-up for Halo 5 and have them break first ground on wherever the Chief’s next mission will begin.
Fleshing out the old squad a bit more would be a great experience since it tells so much more of a human story than the Master Chief.

From TheSpiderChief

If there is ever going to be an ODST 2 then I feel it should take place somewhere in the 2 years between Halo 3 and Halo 4. You could take control as the Rookie once again and this time be a part of a “clean-up squad” of the various Covenant soldiers, scattered on Earth.

From MAXPWN197

i really liked that film noir quality of H3:ODST and i loved the characters in the game
a few things i would like to see would be:
both suppressed and unsuppressed pistol and SMG
multiple combat drops throughout the campaign
return of a sort of hub world like new Mombasa was
refinement of VISR system so that it can be used during the day not just at night
Halo 4: ODST maybe?
return of the Brutes (since ODST’s are weaker brutes with power armor are easier to fight then elites i suspect)
NO PROMETHEANS (they would be to hard to fight as an ODST)
all the human weapons of Halo 4
either the Falcon or the Hornet need to return! or drivable Pelicans
either Buck or Dutch need to return! i can do without Mickey or Romeo
the same style of jazz inspired music that marty composed for ODST

From JGolf777

I think ODST 2 should be a prequel to the first ODST. The beginning could be during the First Battle of Earth. Then you would hop aboard the In Amber Clad. Then there would be a whole campaign on Installation 05, centering around the Prophet of Regret, the Flood, and possibly a space battle allying with the Elites to keep Brutes and Flood at bay. I guess it wouldn’t be a prequel since it would take place at the exact same time and a little after ODST, but it would still be awesome.

From Brannax

If ODST 2 had a Online function, where if you joined it, the servers were like Destiny and put like say, 8ish players near you, into your game seamlessly. It’d work like any other MMO style game where when you see them, you can either kill them and take their stuff or join them as you progress through the game passing the Covenant and stuff.

From Myself :smiley:

Have the city area as an open world where multiple players go around in their squads with their friends (up to a certain number of people), each squad is trying to survive via getting supplies/ fighting off covenant. It would be a huge interactive city that would also be the starting point for your campaign missions. Squads could form alliances and there could even be factions that control parts of the city which you can join/fight to increase/decrease the territory possessed by the factions respectively. Not really sure about this, but one of my favorite parts of odst was rolling around on a mongoose with a friend so I think a multiplayer spin on the city could be interesting and fun.

From Silentdeath4578

Here’s what I always wanted from ODST: The title screen should play more into the aspect of the fact they’re on a ship (ODST’s title screen was Rookie sleeping). You’d start out on the ship, and you’d get 3-4 acts of the story. Each act would have you start on the ship, drop down in your bad–Yoink!- HEV and then land and do whatever. One mission could be stealth. One could be a big open battlefield as displayed in the trailer for H3: ODST. Each act would have 4-5 missions that have very focussed objectives, which may be simple but just help bring story.

Gameplay could be like Halo, but maybe take a cue from Deus Ex Human Revolution, where you go third person when hiding in cover. Brutes would be much stronger and hard to kill for ODSTs, which is why they’d have to sneak around. Maybe make the gameplay feel more human, with the ODSTs shaking or getting their vision blurry when under fire ala Battlefield 3. The game would also be built with very focussed and dynamic squad commands, like, for example, Star Wars Republic Commando, where you can really be the squad’s leader. Maybe a feature where you can manage your squad’s load outs that way they’re equipped for what you want them to do (like in X-Com, where guys get better at sniping or something so you’re more likely to keep them on sniper duty).

From Arashi Calunata

-A greater emphasis on stealth; In ODST, I loved trying to stealth through the game. Given the tech at the time for Halo 3, it was hard to do that properly besides breaking everyone’s spine. I would love an advanced format for it.

-Customization; Something I loved about Reach was the Helmet attachments. In ODST2, you could have that - but everywhere. Deck out your helmet, backpack, armor, and visor with special attachments, from flashlights to UA kits to combat knives. And unlike Halo 4, have them be functional in appearance.

-Assassinations; I enjoyed stabbing things in Halo Reach and 4, but ODST would be great with it. Perhaps have it so Elites and Brutes would require more than one ODST to assassinate, like the Brute Buck stabs in Halo 3:ODST, or would have to be finished off via gunfire a’la Dutch in Halo Legends “The babysitter”.

From Tractor16v2

Why not take cues from the new GTA 5 with its heist missions and player choice. For example, you get a mission from your commanding officer and then you have to decide how your going to do the mission, stealth, support, or some other way. This would greatly improve replay and would be extremely fun in my view. Also add in the ability to switch between characters like in GTA 5. This would open up a whole host of ways to complete a mission. Like in MoH airborne, make it so the player can steer the pod and choose wear to start fighting. The campaign should be at least 15 hours long. I know that sounds long but with the way missions with choice play out it would be fun.

If you’re enjoying reading peoples thoughts there are many more in the topic, I’ve just posted my favorites up here.

I would not want an ODST 2. I personally hate side stories. ODST and Reach’s campaign just were not as exciting for me.


But what does this have to do with Halo 4?

Would be pretty cool. Just make the campaign longer that’s all.

maybe but you should not have post this. a moderator will probably remove this

I am fairly indifferent. I primarily play Halo for its multiplayer. Although I have enjoyed the various campaigns, including ODST, so its not like I am inherently against ODST 2. But… i really dont care.

I loved the open world campaign of ODST. I used to play for hours wandering the streets of new Mombasa, going from stockpile to stockpile killing covies and looking for audio’s (for the third or fourth time). The Map was nice and the VISR system very effectively replaced the motion sensor, even seceding it in some ways. I particularly liked the Superintendent; the subtle humor, how he’d point you in the right direction, and deploy cover for you- but only if you were observant enough.

I’d be much inclined to buy a sequel that retained the open world, VISR, map, and Superintendent. Maybe even keep the Rookie as the protagonist if they can make it work; who knows.

I’d buy it.

I loved ODST and loved playing as an ODST being that they’re my favorite group within the Halo universe. I would really like to see a second game but I would like for it to be fully fleshed out as a full game and not just a side project.

Well if it were to be made, It would ahve to have its own ODST MP, Forge, Custom Games, and Firegiht for that good old challenge. Oh ad a riveting Campaign concept.

I liked ODST a lot, but I don’t really know what a sequel to it would entail.

Then again, I suck at creativity, sooo…

yeah, ODST 2 would be awesome, it would have to have its own Multiplayer, Forge, and Custom Games. And of course bring back Firefight.

> No.
> But what does this have to do with Halo 4?

Go back to the Halo 4 forum if all you want to read about is Halo 4.

Ill update the OP with any ideas people put forth.

> > No.
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> > But what does this have to do with Halo 4?
> Go back to the Halo 4 forum if all you want to read about is Halo 4.

When that was posted, this thread WAS in the Halo 4 forum. It has since been moved here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I definitely want to know what happens with buck and his crew.

> > > No.
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> > > But what does this have to do with Halo 4?
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> > Go back to the Halo 4 forum if all you want to read about is Halo 4.
> When that was posted, this thread WAS in the Halo 4 forum. It has since been moved here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s true, sorry about that.

i also loved odst, firefight is so much better on odst than on reach. :slight_smile:

however if there was an odst 2 i think it would be awesome if there was:

  1. another firefight game type where there were 6 of you and you had to be one of the different odst’s. they would each have their own weapon sets, eg buck having the assault rifle or dutch with his splazer, romeo with his sniper ect.

2.just a though here but, if there was online firefight matchmaking.

  1. 16 player firefight would be the lols

Yeah, I would love ODST: 2 since Halo 3 ODST, was such a great game of the Halo series in fact my first Halo game. I used to play hours on end with my brother & friends…

> I liked ODST a lot, but I don’t really know what a sequel to it would entail.
> Then again, I suck at creativity, sooo…

Maybe your with Buck on Reach… even though reach has been covered…