ODST 2 Please.

Would anyone else enjoy another ODST side story?? I loved the campaign if the first. I liked the ability to play missions in an order I choose and the ability to explore the New Mombasa streets. I felt immersed in the world!

Yes i would have liked a second ODST too

Who would you like the protagonist(s) to be?

Having anything similar to ODST would be awesome. I loved the openness it had and how you had to find the clues (missions) to what happened. Maybe 343i will give of something similar to it, maybe following SGT Johnson.

Would be cool, but I think all ODST’s were upgraded to Spartan IV’s when that program came out. But if your talking about something Pre-Halo 4, It would be a cool idea. Following an ODST on Halo 3 based on the UNSC Aegis Fate, since we know like nothing about it. Following them during the events of Halo 3 on Earth and at The Ark. Halo 3 was my favorite game and to see something like this would be cool

It’s possible but I can’t imagine it yet. No clue who the protagonist would be, or the storyline or when it will take place.