Ode to thine Storm Rifle!

You are a beast, that is all.

I agree, but your post isn’t really descriptive enough. Perhaps you should explain your reasoning on why you love the Storm Rifle.

I, for one, enjoy the Storm Rifle because of extra damage towards shielding. Combine that with a Frag Grenade and/or Magnum, you’ve got yourself a dead enemy Spartan.

I love my storm rifle. In Ricochet, in the chaos, a storm rifle cuts through the chaos and scores me some sweet kills.
I might master that before any other weapons.

Plasma Repeater was better man. Nothing like that vent.

> Plasma Repeater was better man. Nothing like that vent.

Yeah, I have to agree that the Plasma Repeater felt like a much better weapon than the storm rifle.

AR is better, but I’ll be doing Storm as soon as I finish the Suppressor Mastery.

Its better for charging enemies than the AR, because of how damaging it is to shields. It strips shields much faster, meaning that less shots are required for a melee kill.
Its accuracy is also pretty decent.

Love it cause I don’t have to reload. That is one of the coolest features about it.

I’d have liked it better if it had a better skin. Not only is it almost a Carbine reskin, but it’s sometimes hard to discern from the Carbine.

The Halo 1 plasma rifle will always be my favorite due to it’s stun capability and headshot bonus.

Yeah they really need to add a complete red skin for it to make it from a -Yoink!- purple to a -Yoink!- red/maroon :stuck_out_tongue:

But I love it because it’s power is extreme, once you learn to lead your shots on a target you’ll be unstoppable

Can’t deny those covy reach weapons, heck. They should have brought the repeater and the plasma rifle.

The plasma rifle could have been a sidearm.And dont tell me it would be too powerful.
Im looking at you boltshot >.>

Its bad

I’ve never tried it out, I just equiped it in a CTF match and it was decent, I’ll use it instead of my AR for the moment. The only bad thing I would say about it is a minor problem and that’s the weird error like noise it makes after your’re finished shooting.

Lol dmr/br elitist

> Its bad

Mind explaining why?

It went from zero to hero on June 3rd.

I especially love the steampunk variant. Those star emblems are just awesome to look at.

> Love it cause I don’t have to reload. That is one of the coolest features about it.

Even better, it’s the only primary that reloads when you pull up the Hardlight shield.

Really screws BS users over when they do a charge shot. :smiley:

I actually used it for the first time last night on Ricochet. I didn’t realize it didn’t need to be vented. Picked it up off the ground in my secondary, took down an opponents shields and it overheated so I switched to my primary to finish him off. And when I switched back, it was ready to go without a reload. Pretty awesome.

^^Definitely going to try it along with the Hardlight Shield. Great tip!

I use it in LockDown in Dominion & on Complex in btb
The new skin (compression) does make it look awesome as does the new Carbine skin (locomotive)

I’m not too much of a fan of the new skins, the slick -Yoink!- purple/blue of covenant weaponry does it for me.

Although I wish they’d just add a complete red reskin for it