Oddly enough... I like that oddballs and flags aren't OHK

I really hope this doesn’t get changed. I know it’s blasphemous because it’s the first game in the series that the objectives aren’t lethal weapons anymore, but it’s kind of refreshing to have to have the objective carrier be more of a vulnerable VIP than a threatening melee weapon user. Had an unfamiliar sense of accomplishment doing everything possible to protect the ball carrier because of how vulnerable they are. Its a good twist and I like it. Do you guys feel the same or should the objectives be a OHK again?


Having the objective be OHK doesn’t gimp the objective holder, and is atleast some comfort knowing you’re still capable of killing opponents who for some reason get too close.

It’s a last line of defence and opponents have to consider you a threat with the objective.


Personally, I’m oaky with oddball being two hits because of the faster melee speed, but I think flags should go back to 1 hit kills.


Flags and Oddballs being a OHKO made it so that while you may be a sitting duck, you’re a duck with some nasty teeth to defend yourself with if you position yourself right. Making them a two-hit kill essentially takes the objective carrier out of the game and it’s just not fun sitting around feeling completely and utterly defenceless. The Oddball having faster melee doesn’t really make up for this at all either, since most of the time the carrier will only have the opportunity to get a single melee off against their attacker before going down.


The objective holder, despite OHK melee, was never threatening.


I also think it should go back.

Trust me if it doesn’t you’ll be challenge swapping every time you get one that requires an objective melee.


as it stands, it seems like the oddball specifically has a melee speed buff, which works for me. but I think it would make you feel cooler if you could use them as truly lethal weapons. I dont want to pick up the ball or the flag in game right now because I know im just gonna get shot in the back. rarely would a good opponent let you get away with being in melee range, so let me curb check them if they make the mistake.

also let me use the flag as a lance when im on the back of a mongoose. please 343 I wanna run someone through with a flagpole.


I would like them to have a 1 hit meele. If they don’t then they have literally no way to beat someone unless that person is a foot away.

I would make it be a slower melee and have it take longer between strikes but i do want it to be a one hit.

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I was on the fence about this one, but I was able to knock out the oddball achieve in my first game. So it isn’t too terrible. It just forces you to play defensive more instead of being a OHKO roaming objective.