Oddball Not appearing in Matchmaking Playlist

Hi everyone, this thread is regarding the gametype oddball in halo 4. Today, (3/29/13), there was a challenge for war games that was to win 2 games of oddball. When I went to find oddball on the playlist, I could not find it. I found grifball and thought oh hey maybe this is it but nope, winning a couple games of that did not get the challenge for me. So, am I missing some parts of the game? Did this gametype come in a DLC? Also I should probably mention I have the absolute minimum for things installed when it comes to 4, I have the second disk installed and thats it, so far no DLC (aside from the rest of the spartan ops). Is there something missing from my installation? Or am I just being a complete -Yoink- and scrolling right past this gametype with no clue what I’m talking about? Please help me out as completing challenges is one of the most fun parts of this game for me. Also, this game as a whole is pretty -Yoink-.

Check the Playlists page.

Oddball is available in Team Objective and Team Throwdown.

I’m certain that oddball is in Objective. Maybe it’s in others.
It comes up a lot in TO. Yesterday, it got the vote twice in a row.

Ah I see that’s why it hasn’t been coming up. I think in previous games it was in the playlist just under ‘Oddball’, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks for clearing that up gents!

It’s in Team Objective to be clear.