Oddball needs to go

I love oddball as a game mode in casual pvp. It has no right to exist in the ranked arenas rotation.

1- It does not help with your rank. You can play your absolute heart out and get nothing in return. Ive had several games just focusing on getting kills and protecting ball, barely got points and gained almost no rank and vice versa. To be honest I cant tell what the rank system values more; kills or objectives. So either way it should not be in rank, if the system focuses on objectives then only one or two people will be able to get their hands on the objective if you and your team are good. On the flipside, kills are worth almost no points in an oddball game. I can completely frag out all game and help my team win and gain almost no rank for it. Very confusing.

2- Oddball strats are not fun. If your team gets ball and huddles in a corner and gets enough low skill kills as the enemy pushes into you it should be an easy win. Also throwing ball of the edge is an absolutely needed start and its dumb. Really campy and boring game mode for ranked games.

3- spawns ruin the game. The spawn timer is 8 seconds long… thats A LOT of points to gain in oddball in that time frame unless your team just totally goes off. Even if they do, youre spawning on the other side of the map so good luck helping your team.

No ideas on how to fix. Just take the mode out of the ranked rotation. doesnt even fit in with the other modes which are really solid and promote kills, team work, and objective plays.


Your rank from these should be mostly based on winning the whole game.

A 1.0KD player that constantly wins should be ranked higher because they do all around things for their team to win.

So get the ball and play the objective.


I try to and gain almost no rank, i cant tell any difference in rank gain when winning with kills vs high objective play

Oddball is very fun on the right map, unfortunately I’m not sure I feel any of the maps are that fun for Oddball right now.

So your the guy on my team who never picks up the ball and thinks it’s a game of slayer. Gotcha.

Pick up the ball and play the objective. Don’t focus on kills. Maybe then you’ll win more and get rank progression.

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But also do focus on kills because without them you lose Oddball. Only pick up the ball if you have numbers advantage or your team is all dying/dead and you want to try and throw the ball off the map or into a less desirable position so the enemy team have to take a moment to retrieve it before they can setup.

Leaving your team to 3v4 constantly is a good way to lose Oddball.


I do agree the spawn timer is way too long overall in Infinite, including Oddball. I don’t agree that it needs to go though. Reducing spawn timers, adding performance XP, and making the ball a 1 hit KO would greatly increase the quality of Oddball games. Or ya know, 343 could just give us a long list of ranked and social playlists instead of … qUiCk PlAy


Are you thick in the head?? I literally said ive tried both methods for winning the game. I play objective or play for kills. do well. win. little to no rank game and have even gotten rank loss on a win. clearly the system is bugged. read the post before getting an attitude my guy.

yes thatd be awesome

Lierally oddbal and king of the hill which is essentially stronghold are the least liked by competitive players that they usually set them up in FFA ranked playlist for a reason

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Now your backtracking because you’ve been caught in a lie. Shameful my friend, shameful. Smh

Can confirm have three accounts right now 1.0 k/d at diamond 1 that brother plays on that doesn’t play obj sitting at Diamond 1. A 1.8 k/d account that I use to just get kills sitting at Diamond 3. And my OBJ account sitting at a whopping .99 k/d but all I do is OBJ and it is Onyx.