Oddball looks amazing

I’m really loving a lot of the art style in the game, and I especially love the Oddball this go around. The purple and blue flames… not sure how to express… just mesmerizing.
I’m not really understanding the metal disc on the forehead though, is it a lore thing?

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Yeah I’m loving it :slight_smile:

Anybody know what’s going on with the metal forehead?

it’s just a design choice

Same here, I like the design. I also hope 343 does something special with Infection. But, please, don’t bring back the Halo 4 sound effects. They still make me sick, every time I hear them.

Looks good but the flames are like sub 30fps which is kind of jarring.

Huh, I thought maybe it was a Spartan skull and the metal was a result of augmentation or something.

Insurance for repeated damage.