Oddball is a bad game mode for ranked

Never going to make onyx because I play too many oddball matches. I lose every single one :joy: I just can’t seem to grasp the idea of a game mode that cheeses map positioning to win. These maps have too many choke points and usually oddball games are one sided because of this. I know it’s best 2 out of 3 rounds to counter the snowball of an oddball match, but the rounds themselves tend to be one sided. All it takes is one altercation and whoever comes out on top is at a HUGE advantage.

Not saying oddball should be removed. Just looking for advice. When ranked slayer comes out, (hopefully), ill be sticking to that. Until then, I gotta get gud at this oddball nonsense.

Plus getting teammates that actively avoid touching the ball because they’re obsessed more with KDA than actually winning doesn’t help.

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I’ve actually lost rank points in a win because I had a negative KD ratio from being the only person on my team holding the ball. The system actively punishes people who hold the ball. Why would anyone want to hold it?


I have had many matches like that where no one wants to carry the ball because they know what will happen. Sometimes you get lucky and an Unranked teammate will continuously pursue the ball.

Rank updates for Oddball matches either has to change, or this match type should be removed from Ranked.

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Oddball should be an FFA mode for Ranked :^)
If not, just remove Oddball for Ranked and replace it with classics like KotH.


Oddball is a tricky beast. If you want to win and rank up you have to get in the habit of dropping the ball often to help in fire fights. It seems counter intuitive, but is the most effective way to rack up wins.

I often don’t pick up the ball because I’m sure my team could use the help in the fire fight. Once the enemy team is waiting to respawn is when you need to score your ball points.

If your team loses a battle you have to be prepared to reset the ball. This can be the great equalizer in a match. No, this isn’t cheap or unfair. This is the meta, everyone does it and you’re allowed to as well.

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Yea oddball isn’t my best mode either. I enjoy it, but the concept of dropping the ball and fighting seems so foreign to me. In my entire Halo career Ive always just let my team block the advancement and I’ll retreat to their respawn with the ball if the engagement starts going sideways. It’s taken some learning to adjust to the new meta.