Oddball and Ricochet

I want to hear 1 good reason from 343i why official variants of these modes haven’t made it to matchmaking yet when they’re practically in the game already. Players want variety, and these modes would add that. I was positive we’ll see them in the early-April update, but the recent post seems to confirm they won’t be a part of it, which is disappointing to say the least.

It’s as if 343i are incapable of noticing that the biggest problem with matchmaking is gametypes. They seemed on the right track in February, but now I don’t think they ever really understood this. I’m not even talking about the much requested (and Forge-needed) Infection and Race. I’m talking about a couple of modes that are already being played in Customs.

Frankly, it’s more than a bit ridiculous.

Yeah…No game modes early April is a bit ridiculous you can tell there won’t be any because the spot for modes in the chart looks different than the one by the Warzone Map

That’s obviously a second map

So this update is Reqs 2 maps and UI improvements hopefully a file browser

Zero Modes no Infection, Oddball, KOTH, Ricochet etc like you said…

Big problem

Makes me wonder why such a lackluster update needed to be delayed a week, those UI improvements better include Gamertags in pregame lobbies with armor viewer, ranks viewable, the ability to view Service Records of others in the lobby…

Oh and Medals in post game…

Basically the amount of info the Reach UI had

Yeah I really don’t get why they couldn’t at least be in the rotating social playlist, but we’ve already had two repeats instead (fiesta and then normal slayer). Personally I think fiesta and slayer should be combined in to a permanent social playlist, separate from the rotating one.

The only thing I truly, wholeheartedly care about is gametypes. The rest are just a fun little bonus (with the exception being the Warzone map). February made me hopeful, and this just squashed my expectations.

This really is drip feeding.

I reeeeeeeeally want Ricochet to be added