Odd glitch when splitscreening...

Okay, forgive my wording of this firstly as it’s an odd glitch this. Has been happening since the Champions Bundle released, AFAIK.

So, when me and the Mrs are both signed in on one console on our individual gamertags, and one of us changes some armor pieces on our spartan, the others spartan will (after a short delay) have all the same armor pieces that the first chose .

So say I pick Mv V Helmet and ODST Forearms and she has all Mk VI, after say a few seconds in the lobby, she will all of a sudden have the exact same pieces I chose.

Strange! Anyone else experience this?

Your emblem looks like the Batman signal.

The last Title Update on Aug. 19 really messed some stuff up with armors, loadouts, and saved Campaign progress. I bet it has something to do with that.

Ask a Monitor to move this to the Halo Support forum so it will be seen by the Forum Team.

Ha, it does indeed :slight_smile:

Yeah I had a feeling it may be something to do with that. I shall indeed do that, thanks buddy.

As a work around, try editing your armor without her signed in, then switch and have her edit her armor without you signed in. From what you said it should only be copying if both of you are signed in when one is edited.

It’s a bit annoying, but I don’t see another way of doing it until it is fixed. Hopefully they can fix it along with the reset bug campaign now has, and all the other armory bugs caused by the latest update.