Odd crouching?

Why is the crouching in halo anniversary so weird?

When you crouch and the start to move you stand back up again
then when you stop moving you go back into crouch.
(i have mine set to toggle)

Why is it like that?

Did they do it on purpose?

It most definitely seems intentional. I think if you push the analog stick to its full extent you’ll stop crouching. 343i probably did this to make crouching a bit more sneaky. TBH I wish there was a third option to have settings from Halo: Reach.

Ever tried crouching while running?

I’m pretty sure that in the original it was impossible to have the control stick pressed more than half way forward and stay crouched, even with the analog stick pressed in.

Because thats how the crouching system was on the origional.

To stay crouched, you need to move the analog stick halfway and not fully press it in a direction.

Also, toggle crouch is especially useful for this, since it will bring you back down if you stand up by mistake. It also means you can play “cover-to-cover” style with relative ease.

> Ever tried crouching while running?

I just did.
It doesn’t work :frowning: