Odd ball out of bounds bad for business

Literally this strat has been around as long as Oddball has. It helps control the flow of the ball. You die as the carrier while throwing it out of bounds it will spawn in center closer to where your team will be spawning. You are upset over a strat employed by top tier players and probably some if not all pro’s.

Seeing as the devs designed it this way its more of an intended feature

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Are you honestly saying “this guy didn’t get the achievements for a halo game so he must not have actually played it?”


You’re an idiot.

If you’ve honestly played Halo that long and you don’t know the basics of a game type that’s been around since H2, that’s a you problem, not a game/cheaters problem.

Like I’ve said a couple times, instead of digging your head in the sand and yelling “NO!” you should try and learn the counter strategies. Myself as well as a couple other players have given some good tips throughout the thread, hopefully some of them will help you out.

Sorry some people are being kinda rude on your first forum thread. You’re request would be kinda like asking CoD to remove kill streaks because they’re unfair. Yog can just strip a feature out of a game that’s been literally history defining for the mode. So I think it’s triggering some of my OG Halo colleagues lol.

I don’t play oddball. I don’t find it a fun game type. This particular beta has forced me into it. So despite thousands of hours of playing, this strategy is new to me.

I find it to be an exploit. I don’t see how a game developer thinks any strat that breaks the game scoring is ok. Honestly. That’s my take.

I will simply not play oddball when the beta is over. And if for some reason the game doesn’t let me choose “slayer only” I’ll be quitting oddball games.

Thread closed because OP can’t have a civil discussion.