Octagon Variants

Hey everyone in the forge & custom game community!
I have created multiple aesthetic Octagons which really sets an open eye when it comes to Octagon. There have been many threads and posts about Grifball Arenas which has led myself to the idea of creating Octagon Arenas. Obviously there is no intention for this to be placed into Match Making, but rather to give detail and attention to members in the community that are more “serious” about their gaming. To begin, I will list the Octagon Map variants that I have created (All basic Octagon maps with aesthetic environments). Each environment has a set tone and may help with training your eye as well as your aiming.

Beach OCT: The map is set on a stormy beach along side residential beach houses and a dock. Along the shore, there is sad Timmy that has been washed up… In the distance towards the sea, there are small ships and lightning strikes.

Subway OCT: Did you miss your train? Expect to keep missing it because the trains do not stop. Fight in the middle of a subway platform as trains are passing by.

Highway OCT: Have you ever fought under a highway bridge? I’m sure you have… This map is centered under a highway bridge as cars are passing by, and the sun is setting in the sky. Also the speed limit is 5mph in my mystical world.

Gulch OCT: Welcome to the classic Halo days, back to the Gulch! You battle on top of the Red base of Blood Gulch in the vast canyon. However someone misplaced the ramps and the teleporter…

Volcanic OCT: This map is exactly as it sounds. Your feet might get a bit heated, but so will your skills. You are fighting upon a platform in a very heated Volcano.

Aqua OCT: The complete opposite of a volcano, you are fighting at the depths of the ocean. Your sights are slightly blurred and colors tinted blue. You are underneath a ship, next to the anchor, with whales passing by as you fight.

Makeup OCT: I actually made this map for my girlfriend, for which she gave me a hint of what type of Octagon that she would love to play on. You battle in the middle of a girls makeup dream, with cameras watching, and a large pallet of colors to work with. Even Olive got his/her makeup done.

You can Download all of the maps here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=Modified&page=1&gamertag=munk07

If that didn’t work, you can search my gamertag
Gamertag: munk07

Hopefully you guys/gals will enjoy the maps that I have put together. I will most likely continue to make more environments and possibly make new gamemode variants as well.

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