OcR Looking for Recruits

Hi I’m from a community called OcR (Outcast Reborn). We are currently looking for more Reach players. We have a dedicated community who have kept OcR around for almost 5 years. We have competitive and casual players. OcR is a tight-knit community of friends, many of whom have met IRL at our annual LAN. We are respectful and adhere to a code of conduct located in the FAQ below. If you are interested and 18 or older, add my gamertag ‘OcR Evil’ or send it a message.

We like to get in a lot of games with potential recruits before they apply to join the clan, as a way to get to know them better, to see how they fit into our lineup, and to see if they are serious about applying. By adding my gamertag I will get you into our parties when possible and introduce you to the party.

By registering on our forums and introducing yourself and your intentions you show initiative that will not go unnoticed should you decide to apply. Thanks and good luck to all applicants!

About Outcast Reborn: http://www.outcastreborn.com/index.php?pageid=about

Please Read our FAQ if interested: http://www.outcastreborn.com/faq.php

Hey, I’m not interested in joining any clans at the moment, but I was wondering if your group would like to scrimmage my friends and me sometime using 4v4 MLG settings. Thanks.

My gamertag: Itaniium

Thanks for the bump.

You would have to go on our forums and ask as I don’t handle our matches. Likely the answer will be no, though. We don’t have an ‘MLG team’ at the moment that is part of the reason we’re recruiting.

We do have a number of highly talented players, so for anyone reading please don’t think in any way I am the best player in OcR.

We like to have some fun too, our graphics guru OcR Cake makes videos like the one below and streams our games on twitch.tv/ocrcake


We also have an old recruitment video from 2008 if anyone wants to check it out, those were our Halo 3 days - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEqRZRYGUYU


Our Halo team will be playing tonight (Thursday 9:30PM EST) if anyone wants to meet OcR or just play some games with good players who call out and don’t steal weapons from each other.

Also: A link to one of our member profiles. Written by OcR Jemicide. We do one of these with a different member every month. http://www.outcastreborn.com/showthread.php?t=26866

We have a practice tonight at 9:30 EST get on about an hour before that and send me a message if you want to play or meet us!


We have a new video out made by OcR Cake involving a few of our members.

> http://www.outcastreborn.com/showthread.php?t=27011


hey im interested in joining, bout to head to work but i’ll talk with ya as soon as i get the chance.

Sure Rages, send me a friend request and introduce yourself on our forums.

How many ACTIVE members does OcR have?

Currently we’re spread across Reach, MW3, and to a lesser extent Gears 3 due to some of our members not liking Reach. Once in a while we’ll all get together and play some H3 for old times sakes.

I’d say we have 45+ active members. If a member becomes inactive they are removed from the clan. The majority of us play Reach.

Imma let you finish Evil, but I just want everyone that OcR is one of the greatest clans of all time!

Very rarely are you able to find a clan like OcR with such a skilled member base.

I used to be a member of OcR, but ended up having to break it off in search of a Call of Duty clan. Some of my fondest gaming memories are with OcR.

Definitely worth checking out if Halo is your thing!

Practice tonight at 9:30 Eastern for anyone who wants to meet us!


Practice tonight 9:30 EST. Add me and meet us!