Oceanic Variant

How many Oceanic variants are there?

I know the default one and a pre-order one both exist, but yesterday I saw a version with double chevrons painted on the shoulders, and neither the standard nor the pre-order version have that design, and I can’t seem to find any reference to it anywhere. I was only using an image online to judge the pre-order version, but it’s clearly not the same.

Anyone know anything about this and how you might get it?

There are only two variants for each set, if it has a preorder skin then there is only one unlockable in-game.

There are only two Oceanic variants, one from the pre-order bonus and one which is the standard that is unlocked in-game.

I assumed there were only two variants… interesting. If that’s the case then what was originally shown as the pre-order design must have changed.

Can anyone get a clear picture or video featuring the pre-order Oceanic shoulders? Be nice to see this.