OCE (Australia) High ping games

agreed the game is very good imo, but i will not continue to play if i get 90% 200ms games it’s just not fun.

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Agreed a region select is needed as noticed 90% of games are ping 140ms anove and it makes a difference.

This does need a huge fix, because I’m in the US and at night when I play, I get matched with people from across the world so I’m dragged into 120-180ms matches and can barely move sometimes, let alone drive or carry the objective

Brazilian here and it’s the same thing, let us lock a SINGLE matchmaking region, there are enough players.
I’ll not be purchasing the battl epass until this is fixed.

o HOW I long for the P2P days

Yes x100000 except for region lock, instead region preference and maybe an added option of region lock. Also more latency stats on every player. If toxicity is used as an excuse then the person who brought it up and the people that agree with them need psychological help.

I need to find my fellow Americans when I play at 5 AM in the middle of Arabian desert when Europe is asleep and Asia is at work.

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Australian here: I am getting 290-300 ping in BTB

ksa here we have same issue with all game pass games i hope they fix it

Yeah ig its time for the aussie community to leave. This games support is dismal

I am hoping that this is just due to the game being in ‘beta’ still.,
The servers clearly exist as I get some great games at 30ping. But they come to often,

Agree in Australia as well btb is pointless always 200 plus ping. Quick match is getting worse I’m seeing over half with terrible ping. Ranked isn’t worth playing constantly dropped in high ping games usually results in game crash needs region lock badly

Another Aussie here agreeing - we definitely need the ability to switch region lock on or off. I wouldn’t want it permanently on because in Halo 5 it lead to not being able to find games, but 200ms in btb definitely makes the game less fun

Also some different accents for the Spartan voice would be nice - an Aussie one, kiwi, hell even Scottish and Irish. For a while it’s felt like 343 has neglected everyone outside North America - even all the marines in their games are American - the inclusion of chips Dubbo in the older games made it feel like it was the whole of humanity banding together, not just “America saves the day” again


During the tech previews the ping was very low and it almost seemed as though that the games I was finding were in fact in my region.

I think during the launch of infinite MP I have only had 1 or 2 games that my ping was below 190. I love this game so far but that is just not good enough, this same issue killed the Oceania region population in MCC as well. It would be an absolute shame and complete disappointment to Halos regional fans if this was neglected a second time…


Insert Team America song :us: