Obvious changes to the shader system that would make the glam game "Infinitly" better

Hello Spartans (and hopefully 343!),

Lets be real, lets cut to the chase. The shader system is BAD. Not “end of the world”, bad, but “why was it done this way?” bad.

Now, how to fix it:

  1. Every Shader should be a SINGLE color, with a single base shader property. Such as “Baby Blue reflective as chrome!” or “baby blue mat finish” or “Baby blue plastic finish”.
  2. Every shader should OBVIOUSLY unlock for ALL armor. Locking shaders behind specific armer sets makes 0 sense. No excuses, just fix it.
  3. Every armor should have a primary and secondary shader selection. For “core” and “accent” colors. Heck, why not make some armor have 3, 5, 10 shaders equipable! (ok 5 and 10 miiiight be overkill).

In general, while the current system has clear Destiny flavor… Halo has already done it better in the past. Expanding on that system would make waaaay more sense.

If somebody wants to rock the new armor set with their unlocked “bubblegum pink mat finish” as the primary color, and some wild “Blood orange chrome” as their accent color? Heck yea, why not!

And that brings us to:
4) Having “special” shaders that are curated combinations/unique isn’t a problem. Heck, the current existing slot could still exist for that. BUT, there should clearly be an option to do your own thing.

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