Obv Halo 4 story is Obv

Chief Obv went back in time and Obv will be picked up by the forerunners and will Obv fight the flood and Obv convince the forerunners not to to activate the rings and Obv stop the flood long enough to get a cure or something but will Obv take all 3 games to do… OBVIOUSLY.


Or, will be fighting Forerunners, then halfway through the Precursors show up a la Flood in C.E.?

Speculation is fun…

You’re being sarcastic…right?

Judging by your display name I am going to assume you are trolling…

Your post is kinda pointless and pure speculation, you really have no idea where 343i is going to go with Halo 4.

Obv troll is obv…

> Obv troll is obv…

OP is obv trollin’

No this is what will happen.

-Your post gets removed.
-The chief play cod.
-Cortana kills herself.
-343i will listen to the community and the next update will (hopefully) be better.