Obtaining Armor in Halo 5

As you may know, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding the new method of acquiring armor in Halo 5. Many fans do enjoy the new method because it is all about the luck of the draw, while others do not because armor customization has been a immense part of the Halo franchise and do not like the idea of micro transactions. I could go into more detail about both sides, but I’m sure you have seen many posts concerning the contrasting ideas. This poll is to just give the community a general idea of how either successful or unsuccessful 343 was with this new implementation.

I selected no, not because of the “micro transactions” that you don’t even have to participate in, but due to the fact that something is only rare because people have yet to obtain it from a pack. I would have liked to see armor attached achievements and commendations like Halo 4. It gives the feeling of exclusivity when you know you actually have to work for something. I do believe some items, particularly arena rank based items will be exclusive to those that reach the higher ranks.

Thank you for your participation!

I said no because while I somewhat enjoy not having a rank tied to customization, it feels really odd and bases everything on chance rather than knowing what you have to do to be able to unlock it.

Yeah, I remember in Halo Reach you were able to have bragging rights.