Objective Warzone

i think it would be sweet if there were assault and CTF variants of warzone.

it would freshen up warzone no add some room for more strategy. Using vehicles at choice timings to secure the win, etc

what do you guys think? Should we have assault and CTF warzone?

Oh absolutely, I’ve also imagined a sort of regicide warzone where each team has to protect their king

Halo 6’s Warzone needs to have teams contest multiple objectives – capturing a flag, protecting your king, planting a bomb – that not only occur simultaneously but constantly change during the match.

I guess I wouldn’t mind it as long as the basics stayed the same. Keeps bosses and stuff. Something like make a flag cap worth 100 points or something but three caps ends the game, or core destruction or 1000 points.

Gamecheat13 has a video on some announcers announcing what sounds like objectives in Warzone. Check it out on YouTube