'Objective Results' criteria increase

H’okay, who the hell wanted that challenge upped from 10 to 25?
The easiest playlists to get objective medals tend to have less players and make the queue times annoying enough as it is, but the main problem with objective medals is you personally are never guaranteed to be getting them. Hell, if multiple people are doing the challenges, there’s a lot of people missing out. Majority of the requirements for those medals is one person specifically getting that kill/capture. Objectives related to the medals are ironically not as common and widespread as one would think to justify the increase to 25. Not to mention there’s several objective games without medals tied to them that count, limiting the amount of actual games/modes to play for it.

10 was already a solid chance of being overly annoying to reach on some days.


Play H2A or H4 KoTH games. Those can give a lot of objective medals and I can find a decent amount of games for them.

Out of curiosity, what do you expect to be getting when completing these challenges? As far as I know they only give you exp and the yellow/blue cube things which both mean nothing. Are there leaderboards for completing these?

Yeah, I do, but either its my country or their low population of players in the playlists, but they still can take up to an hour to find games for.
I was already sitting here hoping each one would knock out all 10 in one game, but now I’m gonna be spending hours doing that.

Hahaha the disingenuous questions are back! You are well aware of the answer. You know you can look here for the answers you’re pretending to be seeking:


You must have responses to my posts copy/pasted…how pathetic. I’m legitimately curious as to what this player expects to gain by completing the challenges. I learned long ago that they grant no actual rewards.

Ooh, straight to ad hominem eh. I type out every one, just to help you in your quest for the answers you pretend to be after.

As you admit in your reply to me, you’re well aware of the answer to your disingenuous question. You’re not curious, you just want to drag the OP into your little game, hence cross-posting the same thing in multiple topics.

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Recently, at least for the MCC, there have been updates. In the past, anything unlockable has been absolutely useless - “armor”, contrary to the definition of the word, does absolutely nothing. Knowing this I haven’t even bothered to unlock any of it as it would simply be a waste of time. Does the most recent update actually make it useful?

Nah, it’s exactly the same as before.

I see you cross posted in a couple of other threads in the last 15 minutes or so. Tsk tsk - you could get in trouble for that.

So not worth obtaining at all, thanks. I’ll keep avoiding it altogether.

Actually you can now include Halo 3 on the list since 343 added the MCC Unified medals are supported for the objectives challenges with KOTH.

Ugh I hate the objective medal challenge as is since I don’t like objective. But yeah if they made the medal count 25 then they need to make more objective medals count, if they didn’t. There are so many medals that don’t count that should.

Just ignore Dirty_Nurse, I have seen the some post from them over and over. Some just don’t understand that some of us just enjoy completing the challenges and gaining xp simply for the fun of it. We don’t all have to be rewarded with some digital trinkets to play or do challenges.

Odd ball medals seemingly now count. Ball handler, magic hands, ball hog etc. all appear in the description, which wasn’t the case before. 25 is still a steep ask. I don’t have too much of an issue getting medals in KoTH but some of my squad mates really have a hard time.

Didn’t they fix this by bringing H3 medals (and XP) in line with the others?

Why do you want the armor to change and unbalance the integrity of the gameplay so bad? Just so you can warrant liking it? When clearly most other Halo fans would rather it stay the way it is whether they care for it or not.

They have added a lot more medals that count and added medals to H3 so it shouldn’t be to tough to get.