Objective Playlist

I brought this up in the main forum but now I see that there is a feedback forum. Although the traffic is not as high in this forum I guess it should belong here. The link to the topic in the main forum is below.


As you can see there is significant support for an Objective Playlist. Below is my opening explanation for an Objective playlist. You consideration at 343 is very much appreciated…

"Can we please have a Team Objective playlist?

I got Halo MCC (and an Xbox One) just to play Halo 2 matchmaking again. It had fantastic Objective games (one flag, multi- flag, one bomb, multi-bomb) on fantastic maps with fantastic gameplay. However, I still can’t play these Objective game types really at all and I’m extremely disappointed.

There is no playlist that is dedicated to Objective games. I am aware that there are Objective games mixed into many of the playlists but this still does not allow anyone to play Objective game types.

When voting for a game type there are always one or two slayer options (I don’t get why you need slayer and slayer br on the same map as choices) and most players vote for slayer. Also, the slayer options are always listed to the left, which is the tiebreaker for some reason. I would say that about 1/20 games I get actually end up being Objective games.

I understand that more people want to play slayer and I am not upset about that at all, but there is already a slayer playlist. I don’t understand why every playlist has to be a de-facto slayer playlist. There is nowhere for someone who wants to play Objective to go."