Objective Players Wanted+

We are the Sith Lord Spartan Company and we are looking for young acolytes who want to be a true sith lord!

A group of gamers with a star wars theme, looking for a few people to join who are good at team arena and objective games. Slayers are always nice but having a good objective player in warzones is the difference between winning and losing.

Our company isnt like most. We have ranks and organizations for the people that want it, or you can join just to be in a group of people from all over the world who play together very often. We enjoy the Halo Universe and are spreading the dark side throughout.

My goal is to have a company where when you sign onto xbox and always have a group of chill people to play with.

If any of this sounds interesting in the slightest way, message meā€¦and come to the dark side!